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About us

We, Linvada UAB, are your most reliable partner in railway logistics. We are a modern company ready to listen carefully and meet the expectations of our customers and partners.

We are glad that our team is made up of experienced, professional, and knowledgeable people who are interested in modern innovations, understand the specifics of railway logistical services, and have extensive experience closely related to JSC “Lithuanian Railways.”

The main principles of our work are the quality and professionalism of our services.

Trust us with your cargo and we will provide you with the best rail logistics solutions!

Services provided

We want your cargo safe to reach your furthest points of travel, and you won’t pay for it. If our goals overlap, be sure to contact us. We offer the following first hand services:

  • Freight Forwarding by Rail
    Freight Forwarding by Rail
  • Cargo transportation with own wagons
    Cargo transportation with own wagons

Where do we work?

We provide rail and multimodal transport services:

  • tick In Europe;
  • tick In Baltic states;
  • tick CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States);
  • tick Central Asia;
  • tick Georgia, Azerbaijan

Why Railways?

The rail logistics segment is characterized by high demand and high turnover as rail transport is extremely versatile in terms of freight transport. Thanks to its high lifting capacity, freight trains are capable of transporting both extremely bulky and small loads, and are able to overcome the longest distances on land.

International companies are well aware that rail freight is worth it because:

  • tick A very large amount of cargo can be transported at one time;
  • tick It is possible to carry bulky cargo;
  • tick Loads are shielded from large shakes, bumps, etc .;
  • tick Various types of cargo are forwarded simultaneously;
  • tick Small freight costs.

Wagon Park

  • 138 m3 68 t
  • 150 m3 68 t
  • 157,2 m3 67,2 t
  • 158 m3 66,7 t
  • 161 m3 67 t

Contact information

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